PHPMailer class (from v2.5.0)

The following sections explain each method of the class.


public boolean|string send ( VOMailAddress $from, VOMailAddress[] $to = array(), string $subject = '', string $body = '', string $altBody = '', VOMailAddress $replyTo = null, VOMailAddress[] $ccTo = array(), VOMailAddress[] $bccTo = array(), VOMailAttachments[] $attachments = array(), boolean $isHTML = false)

With the send method, you can easily send messages to others. Here you have all possibilities which also holds a traditional email client available.

Parameter list

Enter the valueObject VOMailAddress on to define the sender of the email.


By to parameters you can specify multiple destinations that will receive the email.


The subject of each e-mail address can be defined here. Make sure, however, that can be used here, no HTML.


The contents of each email. You can enter both normal plain text and HTML text. However, make sure that you, if you want to use HTML, since last parameter of the method isHTML with true confirm that it is HTML content.


The altBody parameters allowed only pain text text. Here one may pass no HTML content and is intended for older email clients available.


By means of valueObjects VOMailAddress can be specified here, if at a copy of the e-mail should be sent.


If you want more CC one or: want to specify, you can do so here.


Do you want to send your e-mail also to people who do not want noticed the receiver, you can specify that persons in the BCC. These people will receive even the e-mail, whose e-mail address then dive but not in email headers on.


If you want to send e-mail attachments with, specify it here. The number is not limited, only you should make sure that the more attachments are attached to an e-mail, of the so longer it takes to send and receive.


Does the body also HTML tags, you are advised to true set.