load_functions class

By means of load_functions class controls to any output or disclosure of data. Is it inherited in a class, each auxiliary class can be accessed and used. To reduce loading times not all helper classes loaded at once. There are certain standard helper classes that are always loaded (if not otherwise set) and there are helper classes that must be requested directly.

Standard helper classes

The following list shows the standard helper classes without changing the constructor of load_functions load class:

  • url
  • template
  • database
  • plugins
  • cache
  • curl
  • language

Loaded specific helper classes

Of course, one also has the opportunity to decide for themselves which help classes to be loaded. must To make this edit the constructor you because. This expects an associative array as a parameter. load_functions has already pre-defined variables that can help you the right auxiliary classes to define.

As an example, a new definition of helper classes look like this. Here only is template and the language helper class loaded.

class welcome extends \package\core\load_functions
	public function __construct()
		parent::__construct(array(load_functions::$LOAD_TEMPLATE, load_functions::$LOAD_LANGUAGE));

Thus, you have only the necessary helper classes loaded and thus also save memory and loading time of your web project.